Scottish Butcher Sends Haggis to Edge of Space

A Scottish butcher company Friday released video of a bag of Haggis – a traditional Scottish food – taking a ride to the edge of space by weather balloon to promote science and Scotland’s annual “Burns Night” celebration.
The video, provided by butcher Simon Howie, shows the weather balloon launch from the company’s headquarters in Dunning, 16 kilometers southwest of Perth, into a clear sky. With the bag of haggis front and center, the balloon can be seen climbing 32.1 kilometers into the sky with the inky black of space in the background.
The haggis then falls back to earth, landing safely, thanks to a parachute, which deployed several hundred meters above the ground.
In a statement on its website, the company said it arranged the stunt to promote science and lift the spirits of the general public “after a year like no other.” The company worked with Stratonauts, a company that specializes in such launches for promotional and educational projects.
Howie says once COVID-19 restrictions allow it, the two companies plan to host workshops in Scottish primary schools to encourage students to study science and technology. 

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